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Products: LED Application

Light emitting diode is the most significant area of lighting progress of this decade. The two technologies semiconductor and lighting are now gently embracing to provide energy efficient, environmental friendly and exceptional long life customer friendly lighting solution.

  • Home Lighting System (DENEB)

    Solar based Photo Voltaic Home Lighting system developed with 10W solar panel with 6W LEDlight output of 600 lumen. These stand alone units deliver the performance of a conventional 60 GLS lamp. Deneb is named after one of the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Street Lighting System (CYGNUS)

    Solar based Photo Voltaic Street Lighting system developed with 50W solar panel with12W LED light output 1200 lumen which provides adequate lighting for residential and village roads .These stand alone unit which provides relief to the power grid or provides modern facilities to population deprived by the lack of power reach. Cygnus is one of the brightest constellation in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Alnitak

    The name is taken from the three bright stars located in the belt in constellation of Orion. Alnitak is all purpose versatile lighting equipment for use in the emergency or where lighting does not penetrate. Its Slim and sleek model which make it a convenient accessory for every one to use everywhere and conveniently portable.